Reunion Attendees as of 25JUN14

Billy/Sheri Hollaway
Al/Bea Ross
Joe/Dawn Pruss
Gary/Dolores Elder
J J/Peggy Norosky
Steve/Kathy Cutler
Lou/Penny Tardona
Lyle/Sharon Stauffer
David/Wilma Guthrie
John Shipley
George Shaw
Mike Barker
Mike Varone
Scott Norris
Bill Alberts
Beak Henderson
H Larry Clark
Steve Hodnett
Paul Hartnagel
Barbara Gifford
Frank Turban
Vince Bzone
Steve Nesthus
Marv/Cindy Terawaki


One comment on “Reunion Attendees as of 25JUN14

  1. Todd Criner


    I pulled my name out for the ‘time being’ as I am out of vacation, due to Illness’ and Father’s Passing in January. Got a big hole in Vacay now, working it back up, but not fast enough. I am; however, still going to see if I can swing a TAD trip to maybe give Groton Guys some training, on new systems or System Administration stuff. We’ll see about that one.


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