Base Roster

Last Name First Name Primary Base Member Type Qual
Baldwin Wayne B. Northern Virginia Regular SS
Barker Michael Casper Internet Regular SS
Bennett Steven J. Casper Internet Regular SS
Bouvier John Casper Internet Regular SS
Burns Raymond E. Casper Internet Regular SS
Clark Gilbert Casper Internet Regular SS
Courtemache Joseph Casper Internet Associate
Criner David T. Casper Internet Regular SS
Devlin Daniel J. Casper Internet Regular SS
Dickinson John Casper Internet Regular SS
Ditewig William T. Casper Internet Associate
Foltz Nolan Casper Internet Regular
Grimm Lincoln Albany-Saratoga Regular SS
Heaton Kenneth Casper Internet Associate
Henderson Bennie Casper Internet Associate
Hill Roy F Snug Harbor Regular SS
Johnson William Casper Internet Associate
Kelly John Douglas Casper Internet Regular SS
Kepner William H. Casper Internet Regular SS
King Wyatt Casper Internet Regular SS
Kontir James Casper Internet Associate
McManus Joseph P. Sea Turtle Regular SS
Norosky John J Groton Regular SS
Norris Scott Casper Internet Associate
Owens Michael Casper Internet Associate
Rhudy David Chesapeake Regular SS
Rogers Donald J. Casper Internet Regular SS
Ross Albert Casper Internet Regular SS
Sandell David C Casper Internet Regular SS
Sears David E. Casper Internet Regular SS
Shipley John Casper Internet Associate
Smith Hubert C. Casper Internet Regular SS
Tardona, Jr. Lou Casper Internet Regular SS
Thompson Tommie Casper Internet Associate
Thornton Dean E. Casper Internet Regular SS
Toft Don New Jersey South Regular SS
Van Schoonhoven V. Duane Casper Internet Associate
Varone Michael R. Northern Virginia Regular SS
Veray Larry Casper Internet Associate
Weaver Charles Casper Internet Regular SS

17 comments on “Base Roster

  1. Bonnie Dick Hollaway

    Add Nolan Foltz to the roster as a Regular member. Todd, you are dong a wonderful job and thank you from all the base and those who visit.

    1. Todd Criner

      SS or SU and Casper Base for Nolan Foltz????

      1. Bonnie Dick Hollaway

        SS, USS City of Corpus Christi, SSN 705

    1. Todd Criner

      Awesome on using the FB login Duane……………Billy??? Where are you, you sent me the excel spreadsheet, LOL

    1. Todd Criner

      Works, but I need to change the ‘admin’ login to ‘admin’ vs ‘Todd Criner’ to seperate my FB login o_O

    1. Dean


      The pic I sent is in an area test shots or something like that. I just saw it and can’t remember five minutes later. Old is starting to get aggravating.

  2. Dan Gibson

    please add me to list. Pos 4/5er 1977-1980. Billie H reminds that the FB startup will fade.

  3. David Sandell

    Pardon my ignorance but can someone please tell me what the MAL stands for under primary base? Maladjusted, maligned, malignant?

  4. Billy Hollaway

    It is Member at Large and used by USSVI for members who do not have a base affiliation such as Casper, Snook, etc. You are now a primary, Regular member os Casper Society Internet Base. I had you changed from MAL. Please visit, click on member login, get an on-line ID and password then check your profile for accuracy. They still have you listed as a CTT1(SS). Thanks.

  5. Billy Hollaway

    Dan, believe have your e-mail address but could you e-mail me a short bio of boats ridden and time frame? My e-mail address is FB isn’t going away but I am weaning away from it for Base official communications and personnel info.

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