Board of Directors

Lou Tardona   Commander


Dean Thornton – Vice Commander (awaiting picure 😉  )


Billy Hollaway – Treasurer


Al Ross – Holland Club


Todd Criner – Website Administrator


17 comments on “Board of Directors

  1. Hollaway

    Happy Veterans Day to all Casper members. I will be in my hometown of Bowie, TX for a new Veterans’ Memorial dedication and have made four crosses to plant with new flags on family members’ marker or grave sites.

  2. Gilbert Clark

    Participated in the Australian Remembrance Day as a part of the RSL (Returned Servicemens League). They blocked the highway in Coonabarabran. All cars stopped, and the occupants stepped out and honored the past fallen. Several wreaths were placed at the memorial clock tower in the middle of the only roundabout in town. School children participated, and it kind of reminded me of the veterans parades that we had in the little towns in the States. It fell on the same day as our Veterans Day – everyone wore poppies.

  3. B Hollaway

    I want to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe if traveling, Looks like some of us may be in for wintry weather! We have lots of family coming from CT, TN, TX and AR so should be a fun few days.

  4. B Hollaway

    I have a new patch available from the National SK to commemorate USSVI’s 50th year in 2014. Will ask Todd to post this week. For all, I am striving to wean off FB for Casper Base matters and encourage all to use the website also.

  5. Billy Hollaway

    Yesterday, December 15, 2013, our friend and shipmate CTTCM Terry L Noble, USN-Retired departed on Eternal Patrol. His loss creates another vacuum in NSG Direct Support’s history but he leaves us fond memories and thoughts by those who knew him.

  6. Doug K

    Can we have our own ‘ships’ store” on this website for all things not offered by USSVI, such as the ball caps, patch, challenge coin and I would also like to add the etched glass coffee mugs and beer mugs that I do.??

    Also,will you edit the file name for my hat photo, it looks more like a booking number for the local jail – Thanks 🙂

  7. Billy Hollaway

    I am sure we can do that as far as “The Ship’s Store” suggestion. Might have to charge you for advertisement time re the mugs unless you donate a percentage to the treasury. That sounds fair and it’s what I do as Razorback Base SK on all sales in our store.

  8. Billy Hollaway

    I still have one new, NQP baseball cap if anyone knows a member who might be interested. Price is $ 20 + P/H.

  9. Doug K

    I am good with the donation portion BD. Margins are small but I can give 5% or so.

  10. Billy Hollaway

    I want to welcome new Associate member Joseph Minton from Conway, SC. Also I still have about fifteen patches and two coins if anyone interested. $ 10/each + S & H. A gentle reminder to all, do yourself and USSVI a big favor by visiting, get a login ID and password and check your profile. That helps keep the data base updated for your and my use. Thanks.

  11. Roy Hill

    If I may make a suggestion: recommend a password protected page on the website with the names, addresses and phone numbers of casper members. Christmas closing in on us and Christmas cards are in order. The Hill

    1. Billy Hollaway

      I hesitate to do this because of many members’ personal preferences. So few of us really maintain regular contact via any means and prefer it that way! I personally do not understand why but will abide by their request.

  12. Brendan "BJ" Galvin

    Retired CTTC (SS). Qualified on the Parche in 1982. How do I join?

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