4 comments on “Casper Society Documents

  1. Bonnie Dick Hollaway

    Todd, go ahead and include the Charter provided you in this section. Thanks, BDH

    1. Todd Criner

      Roger That………In the works…………

  2. B Hollaway

    On Friday, 11/22/2013 I had the privilege and was honored to lead a Memorial Service for ETN2(SS) Richard G Schaeffer of Sherwood, AR who along with 98 other submariners died on USS Scorpion SSN 589 during their return from a Mediterranean deployment. Richard’s sister and her husband live in the Little Rock area he designed and developed a memorial adjacent to USS Razorback and the Maritime Museum. Robert Schaeffer, a younger brother, traveled from Jacksonville, AL for the service. About fifty guests including family, high school classmates, state and city officials and SubVets from Razorback attended.

  3. Billy Hollaway

    I apologize to all for not composing the “Whisperings” March 2014, fourth edition. Was out of country and no Internet access was available. For those interested, the NCVA 2014 Reunion is being held during May at the Downtown Holiday Inn in Mobile. Suggest you touch base with L Tardona for details. For many this has been a difficult winter. You should start thinking Casper Society Reunion in late summer. Pass your thoughts to Tardona. Also, April 2014 is theSubmarine Forces’ two hundred and fourteenth birthday. Still looking for your thoughts and inputs for the newsletter.

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